Weird But True

Having a reading with a medium can be a very powerful experience. You have to think, filter, and interpret the messages that are received for what they are supposed to be. Does life actually continue on forever, or is just some kind of magic hocus-pocus?
Do psychic mediums communicate with the dead and SEE actual spirits or just , or do they just se symbols? How can those who have passed on/crossed over communicate at all? Wouldn’t communication without a physical body be IMPOSSIBLE ?
What if many spirits find it EASIER to communicate after crossing over, than when they were alive?

What you NEED to know about psychic mediums

Mediums vary in how they communicate. Some actually SEE spirits, others can only HEAR them. Some use their abilities and spiritual intellect to interpret and understand what they see in the form of symbols, which requires considerable interpretation. One could liken the experience to an energetic tarot card reading, but without cards.
Just imagine talking to someone behind a heavy glass door, according to famous medium John Edward. You can make out forms and shapes; maybe hear some of what is being said, but but nothing is 100% clear or detailed.
Many mediums say that speaking to spirits is like having an underwater conversation. You can make out what they’re trying to say, but imagination is a large factor intuition a, filter, in ingterpreting the messages and the full gist of what the message really is..

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