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In keeping with the onset of global warming scenario, people have been getting more and more worried about the future of cars and how future will play out. Everybody is furthermore well aware of how our cars presently operate, with gasolene, which is not a renewable source of power. How many years we have left remaining of fuel consumption is an unknown, and thus there are usually quite a few smart individuals spending a great deal of time trying to develop another way to propel our automobiles from point A to point B. The particular problem is, it’s hard to beat what we have at the present. Getting a fuel which is equally hassle-free and simple to use will become a relatively big job. This got me personally pondering a few unusual but possible future situations.

totally Electric

As of late, the electrical cars that have been produced are far from ideal. Get the G-whizz for instance; it only gets forty miles and when you run out of electricity, where on earth do you buy it? And then whenever you can re-charge, it requires all night to obtain enough juice in order to go another 40 kilometers. Plus, electricity is made with oil anyway, so what is the point?! Some day though, somebody could create a way to perform this whereby all automobiles on the road are usually run simply by electrical power, with the electricity becoming produced by huge windmills and so forth.

Our own verdict: not very likely.

The particular End Of The Engine Vehicle

Will anyone actually have the ability in order to replace petrol with benefits just as good? It’s extremely doubtful, therefore could all of this be the beginning of the end associated with the gas engine car? The chances could be really high that in 2 hundred years time presently there simply won’t be any kind of practical way associated with powering the domestic car. And if there will be, we could almost all become burnt to a crisp via global warming. Think about this, no cars on the highway.

How would we get by? It can be that the human race goes a step back in time to some place exactly where the horse drawn trolley is king, really effective but very sluggish.

Our own verdict: what could really happen

Perfect Public Transport

If the powers to be are really so worried about the present means of propulsion of motor vehicles, essentially running on gas and the air pollution they cause, is that the reason why public transportion is also bad? If general public transportation was perfect then why would anyone need to use a car? To make this happen, public transportation would need to be regular, effective, economical and comfortable. And I am not completely convinced that could really happen. Nevertheless, it is cheaper for me to move about in central London, spring for the gas, congestion charge, and other costs associated, I personally think I’d actually rather take a seat on a train while paying attention to the particular Ipod.

Our take: Is this for real?

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