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Molly Schuyler hardly seems able to break a world record eating a steak, but she did just that, by consuminging in two minutes and 44 seconds a 72 ounce steak .
Above is a video Ms Schuyler posted on her YouTube channel of her accomplishment. She commented, “world record for eating just a 72 oz steak is 6 min 48 seconds. I took it down just a little bit faster :)”.

This challenge was set up in 1948 at Sayler’s Old Country Kitchen in Portland, Oregon. Your meal is free meal if you eat an entire 72 ounce steak and side dishes in an hour or less.
So far only 579 people have succeeded of the 1,903 people have undertaken the challenge.

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— The Slanket Loafing close to on the couch is where it should be. But only if it is nice and warm. Regrettably, exactly what with this particular pesky credit crunch malarkey, heating a room expenses comparable upward to fueling the 747. So say thank goodness for the Slanket. This gigantic fleece duvet is soft, light in addition ludicrously snuggly. ‘But it might be like most contemporary blankets, ‘ all of us listen to you whine. nicely indeed, but this high quality slice of 100% polyester microfibres features large, decrease sleeves so you may keep your overall entire body covered, arms ‘n’ almost all, and still use your own hands. smart, eh? Your own significant other will like a you for it. Just believe, no longer cold arms whenever you need to catch your popcorn, wipe apart the tears during the good X Factor sob tale or high 5 your own flatmate subsequent a hard fought against Halo victory.

Better still, a person will look a little bit like a relaxing Jedi knight or a recently unmasked phantom off Scooby Doo. Swathing yourself inside a Slanket means you may ignore the heating plus remain toastie all more than without having to hide under the duvet along with legwarmers round your hands. amazing. By way associated with an experiment all of us lately wrapped ourselves within Slankets and gave the specific sweaty-vested stokers down inside the Firebox furnace the particular 7 days off. The particular result? We were comfortable and cozy and saved a small fortune. Indeed, our hands were a little bit chilly yet we had been all out of blankets. Machine washable, the Slanket is so comfy it can prone to completely sabotage your interpersonal life. Yet watching tv will be so fantastic time and time again they are usually so pricey, that may just be a great thing. In fact, once you’re enveloped in the fleecy Slanket accepting less is practically impossible.

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